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Friday, May 28, 2021

Cranchi T36 Crossover sold

🔹 Ingredients: a beautiful boat, one of its kind, an ongoing leasing, an Austrian buyer with some doubts about the Italian procedures, a serious and available Italian selle, and last but not least our Sabrina, concentrated and always up-to-date.

🔹 Recipe: carefully select the seller, wait with patience during the leavening during a live video visit, , mix everything precisely during a phone call in German, start the oven of the ower’s availability, cook in a water bath in the pot of the leasing company, put in the fridge of the expertise and serve in a glorious way during the Abayachting Delivery.

🔹 Result: A simple and delicious dish, appreciated at all latitudes.

We wish the Cranchi T36 Crossover goodbye and a wonderful new life at sea!

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