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An exclusive window to offer your boat for sale.

In order to sell your boat, it is essential to identify the real conditions of the boat, from both structural and economic point of view. This will ensure you can optimise the sale of your boat: in a time saving way, at the most attractive conditions, to buyers who are genuinely interested, and above all without any surprises.

How do you go about selling a boat in leasing? Who handles handover procedures? What documents are needed? What do you have to produce (or not) for the handover? What conditions have to be respected? Is it possible to sell abroad? When must the boat be delivered? How and when is the inspection carried out? And testing the engines? Is a sales deed always necessary? At what date must the insurance start? Who handles the transfer?

These are all questions we can and will answer for you.

A question of professionalism

Some advice which we would impart to you is to rely upon just one professional to sell your boat. Very frequently, particularly in Italy, a number of boats might be offered by a number of brokers at the same time, with a range of different prices and financial terms and using catalogue photos. The result is that they are overly “inflated” and convey a sense of confusion to potential buyers: “serious” buyers will refer elsewhere for their purchases, and conversely those buyers who contact all brokers will be attracted, with a “knock down” price, trying to contact the boat owners themselves, and trying to manipulate the situation to their own advantage, causing everyone to wasting precious time. The same could occur by relying on a dealer to sell your own boat: it is natural that he will try to sell your boat only after having proposed his own new boats and then his own used vessels.

Needles to say that in this type of situation the one who suffers the most damage is above all the boat owner.

With an exclusive commission we can invest in drawing up a fact sheet, in doing a photo shoot in a position to exploit the unique aspects and details of the boat, in direct advertising, targeted promotional campaigns, transfers for onboard viewing.

And when finally the right purchaser has been identified, it is necessary to tackle the circuitous road of the handover for the leasing underway, which has now become routine in 90% of negotiations, but it is essential that this is followed with care, attention and some experience.

A winning choice

Entrusting Abayachting means saving time and money, taking advantage of our experience, our advertising and the selection of buyers.

We will be the first to invest in the sale of your boat, because it is in our interest. But in order to do that we demand that our own professionalism is respected to the same extent.

Being in charge of the sale does not entail any additional cost and commission is due only when negotiation reaches a successful outcome.

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